RPS and Flood Risk Mapping of the Netherlands

24 Sep 2015

“We have X-rayed our flood defences and now it’s time to cure them…” stated the Dutch minister of Infrastructure and Environment when she received the final report of The National Flood Risk Analysis for the Netherlands, VNK2 (Veiligheid Nederland in Kaart in Dutch). RPS has been significantly involved in the delivery of this ongoing national flood risk assessment work since it commenced in 2008.

In close collaboration with the Dutch Water Authorities, provincial authorities, the national water authority, Rijkswaterstaat, and other engineering consultancies, RPS has worked on this high profile project not only to determine the current flood risk levels for all primary flood defences in the country, but also to lay the foundation for future flood risk assessments for The Netherlands.

For the VNK2 study, RPS calculated flood risks along rivers, coastal stretches and around lakes using the latest scientific knowledge. RPS calculated and mapped the failure probability for the main failure mechanisms including the likelihood and possible extent of both economic damage and human fatalities. This resulted in reports which policy makers could use to prioritise and design levee re-enforcements. Furthermore the methods and insights provide important input for updating the statutory flood risk assessment tools. The RPS Delft office is intensively involved in this update program.

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