Remastering the future: bringing virtual reality into design projects

06 Nov 2017

RPS has recently supported ITN Productions and The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) with the launch of their “Remastering the Future” series. The 12-episode news and current affairs style programme explores the opportunities, challenges and future of the UK construction industry.

Our short film explores our latest innovation with the use of virtual reality to create an interactive and immersive design experience helping to lead the future of construction. RPS combines VR with BIM design technology, allowing clients to immerse themselves in and navigate through the project design.

This technology can be highly beneficial for clients to help them understand, visualise and modify the design in the pre-construction phases; ensuring they get the best design whilst minimising waste, extra cost or delays that can occur by modifying at a later stage.

RPS continues to commit significant time and research into the expanding capabilities of this technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of both virtual and mixed reality for our industry. Michael Shaw, Managing Director for RPS in Northern Ireland, comments "I strongly believe in ensuring that we approach the next decade of digital transformation in a fashion that encourages and rewards innovation, and incorporates the latest advances in technology. We have introduced virtual and augmented reality into our business to enhance the client/user interface throughout the design process from project concept to operational and maintenance activities."

Our capability has recently been strengthened by the appointment of a 3D Visual and Infrastructure Designer, who joins RPS with over 20 years’ experience in visual design, 3D virtual reality development and animation.

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