New Perspective in BIM using VR Technology

15 Dec 2016

As we produce more and more complex 3-dimensional models and associated data through Building Information Modelling (BIM), many of our clients are looking for ways to interface with this data in a simplified and meaningful way.

We are also frequently challenged to produce more photorealistic imagery to enable our clients to visualise the end product before it is constructed. VIRTUAL REALITY TECHNOLOGY (VR) allows our engineers, architects, scientists, planners and clients to have the full sensation of finding themselves immersed physically in a fully 3-dimensional model space.

RPS staff in Belfast have trialled this latest technology and are currently engaging with clients to further explore its full potential. Using a headset, the user is no longer limited to a passive representation of an image or information on a screen, but instead can interact, touch, and move objects in a “real world”. Structural M&E, and architectural elements in the model can be interrogated and BIM data easily and readily accessed.

The applications are vast, ranging from the viewing simplest photorealistic model to the interaction with fully federated BIM models. We are exploring applications in Health and Safety training, asset management and many more fields where it is advantageous to visualise and understand a new environment before it is built or operated.

RPS Belfast recently showcased the latest Virtual Reality and Building Information Modelling technology currently available to engineers at two of Northern Ireland’s major careers events. Almost 7000 students passed through the events giving RPS staff the opportunity to help inspire a future workforce, entertaining them with 3D VR technology and most importantly informing them face-to-face about the possible career routes into Engineering.

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