Shifting gears – Mike Powell takes new role within RPS’ global Energy business

23 Jul 2019

The more complex an operating environment the bigger and more significant the challenge. If ever there was a sector more keenly aware of this then it’s within the Energy sector.

For the last four years, RPS’ Mike Powell has played an increasingly key role on Total’s flagship METIS project - Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System, (read more about this project here, or watch this great video). During his time on this project, Mike has developed significant expertise in safety case planning, logistics, piloting and operational project management centred around the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Using UAVs, Total aim to speed up the process of data collection and processing, while significantly reducing costs and HSE risk throughout their operations.

RPS have been involved in the METIS project from the conceptual stage in 2015, to the ongoing testing phases as the project continues to evolve. Mike’s extensive military career brings a unique skillset of planning and operating in difficult and challenging environments which complements the ethos of the METIS project and its aims, i.e. addressing the problems associated with geophysical imaging in areas of complex topography.

While RPS’ involvement in the Total METIS project continues, Mike has joined our Sites team to dedicate more time to this ground breaking HSE and environmentally motivated project, as well as developing an advisory capability in the delivery of innovative solutions to our client’s energy projects, and new business areas.

Mike joins the Sites team in Energy as Special Projects Lead after 10 years with RPS as HSSE Manager supporting our global operations. 

“It’s a privilege to be a member of this ground breaking, collaborative industry project, with peers who are as enthusiastic about innovation as we are, and who value our opinions, advice and solutions”.

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