Metocean Survey for Beacon Wind Energy Area

25 May 2021

At RPS, we believe that the most important decisions should be made with the best information. As the world continues to develop and transition to renewable energy, our clients need quality MetOcean data to support their development of global offshore wind energy resources.

A project being developed by Equinor and British Petroleum through their 50/50 strategic partnership in the U.S., is located off the east coast due south of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket Islands. In connection with the installation and operation of wind turbine generators within the wind park, project developers require quality wind measurements in real time - and floating LiDAR technology is now the preferred method for collecting trusted resource data to support investment decisions for offshore wind.

RPS have been delivering oceanographic data for Equinor across the New York Wind Energy Area to gain an understanding of the environmental conditions likely to occur at the site. Equinor has identified and secured a second lease area for potential development in Massachusetts - RPS will now also deliver wind, wave and current monitoring with real-time data transmission for this 24-month measurement program.

A suite of two meteorological buoys, one LiDAR buoy, and two current moorings will be deployed. We will be responsible for all aspects of the data collection program which includes equipment supply and engineering of the MetOcean program, logistics, field operations, maintenance, data analysis and reporting.

This data measurement program will supply Equinor with the wind resource and metocean information they need to progress their wind farm development, supporting them to realize their strategic ambition of becoming an industry leader in offshore wind energy.

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