Managing risks remotely with RPS’ online management system

14 Jan 2021

Over the last 12 months, the working world has seen a monumental shift towards remote working which has presented a number of challenges when it comes to meeting health and safety demands.

Challenges include managing sites that have been mothballed, managing compliance tasks without members of staff onsite, and where tasks are being completed, a lack of visibility of what has been completed and when.

We’ve supported our clients throughout the pandemic, not only in the physical world completing Risk Assessment and Covid related monitoring services, but also embracing fundamental digital technologies that have assisted us so greatly in the last year.

Having visibility and managing risk remotely has become more important than ever before. With employees working outside of the office and ensuring building compliance is actively maintained, how do you manage risks? Our online management system could help.

To help businesses manage their health and safety compliance, we have developed an online management system that provides a full suite of safety and compliance tools and data.

Developed by our in-house health and safety professionals and IT team, our online management system records, manages and prompts compliance tasks across all health and safety disciplines. The multi-platform risk management system, known as BHI (Building Health Interactive), efficiently writes reports and assists clients in administering their health and safety responsibilities.

Benefits of BHI

  • Delivers real time information to assist clients with the modern demands of legislative compliance
  • Uses the most current technology available
  • Features are constantly expanding

What’s new in 2021?

Dan Luckett, Account Director overseeing BHI, comments: “BHI is taking another big step forward in 2021.  Our vision is to deliver a robust management tool that provides access to data and safety content all in one place, at the touch of a button.”

“2021 brings another dimension to our vision and places the user and the variety of content a user can access at the heart of what we are doing." 

Our 2021 development plan includes a complete rewrite of all core components plus added features, including integration with social media, language packs, BHI TV and roll out of a new e-learning platform.

Rewriting each new element allows us to roll out new features including safety message boards, instant safety alerts and bitesize training sent directly to the user’s smart technology.

BHI TV will allow us to deliver a suite of video content, hosting and highlighting safety messages which can then be disseminated across social media platforms. Training videos and company safety messages will be interactive and available across technology platforms 24/7.

2021 brings further opportunity to deliver new features and technology to cement our position as a market leading provider of online risk management systems.

BHI has proved an invaluable tool for our clients in making sure that whilst working remotely they can see, understand and action their compliance requirements remotely; providing assurance that whilst we work through this global crisis, their compliance position remains at the highest standard.


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