Keeping projects moving with home based environmental assessments

07 May 2020

With measures to delay the spread of COVID-19 still in place, businesses across the UK find themselves in an ongoing period of uncertainty and interruption.

“Never in times of peace has there been a closure of offices, retail and leisure facilities and a prevention of social gatherings that has had such an impact on normal life” comments Daniel James, Principal Consultant at RPS. “As a direct result, the business community has had to react in as positive a way as possible to support the economy and allow the continuation of trade to as fullest an extent as possible”.  

In response to these challenging times, as people are unable to travel, our teams have been on hand to support clients to keep their projects and operations moving forward. While continued restrictions on movement makes undertaking audits in person not possible, our transaction advisory team have been delivering the following services remotely:

  • Phase 1 desk based assessments
  • Environmental screening reports
  • Desk based compliance assessments
  • Review of environmental reports
  • Training opportunities related to environmental good practice
  • Transaction advice via video conference
  • Providing proposals for planned future transactions
  • Assisting with environmental improvements following inspections
  • Environmental policy writing and updating

Delivering through difficult times

”We have recently completed a Site Environmental Risk Assessment (SERA) on a property in central London for one of our clients” adds Daniel. ”During lock down, we completed a desk based assessment for a moderately sized commercial development property. Our scope included a review of the environmental setting of the property and pre-existing environmental reports relating to site investigation and remediation prior to the site redevelopment around the turn of the millennium".

"Once completed, our review enabled our client to make an informed decision with regards to potential environmental liabilities. They were reassured that there were unlikely to be environmental factors that could affect the potential property value.”

To find out more about our home based assessments, get in touch with a member of our team.  


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