Gabby joins RPS’ Melbourne office as part of new Jobsupport partnership

01 May 2023

RPS has partnered with Jobsupport as part of its ongoing commitment to embrace diversity and inclusion across its workforce.

Jobsupport is a leading employment service for people with a moderate intellectual disability in Australia.

RPS’ Victorian General Manager, Jo Lewis, says the partnership is off to an extraordinarily positive start. “Gabby is the first person we’ve hired through Jobsupport – and it couldn’t be going any better.

“We’re impressed with Jobsupport’s program and the ongoing assistance the organisation provides to ensure Gabby is set up for success.”

As for Gabby, she says – so far, so good too:

“I am really enjoying being here at RPS. At first, I was very nervous about starting. I was thinking ‘how’s this going to go’. But it is going really well! I’m not stressed at all, and everyone is really nice and welcoming.”

Gabby has been with Jobsupport for a few years and has had previous work placements in retail outlets. She says coming into an office and working with a variety of people is something she’s always wanted to do.

“After Covid, I really wanted to be around people again. My career focus at the moment is to get myself out there and to meet new people.”

Gabby is also adding her personal touch to her work day. Along with helping with administrative duties and cleaning tasks, she’s leaving positive messages in the boardrooms.

“I write a nice message on the whiteboards most mornings. Today, I’ve written ‘Have a good day’. I like to be positive.”

Gabby in the RPS Melbourne office - part of partnership with Jobsupport

Gabby at RPS' Melbourne office

For the first few weeks of Gabby’s appointment, she was supported on site with a dedicated Jobsupport vocational trainer. As Gabby becomes settled, Jobsupport reduces onsite support, but continues to provide assistance for the duration of her employment.

Gabby is also supported by dedicated RPS employees including Administration Assistant Philippa Cunningham and general managers Tane Kingi (who was the instigator of the partnership) and Jo Lewis.

Jo says she hopes to expand the initiative beyond Melbourne.

“We are trialling the program in our Melbourne office with the intention of hiring more people through Jobsupport in our other offices around Australia.

“It’s important for firms such as ours to not only talk about diversity and inclusion, but to actively pursue it and provide employment opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds and abilities.

“Gabby is an asset to our team, and we look forward to a long partnership with Jobsupport.”


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