Distressed Oil and Gas Assets

11 Jun 2020

Unprecedented events this spring have shifted corporate focus from thriving to surviving.  In the Oil and Gas Sector, fallout of key commodity benchmarks has made this an even more acute set of circumstances, which has led to a dramatic rise in distressed oil and gas assets. 


As these assets make their way through various stages of maintenance and recovery, some will eye this as an opportunity for increased acquisition activity while others will see a need to liquidate debt.


RPS experts and technology have provided a full suite of services to North American oil and gas industries for decades.  This brings a unique breadth of expertise to support those navigating through these times of transition.  We not only support all phases of transactional due diligence but also have key energy and environmental staff to support a full assessment of assets and their value potential within a dynamic marketplace.


RPS can provide turnkey management of distressed oil and gas assets during this challenging period.  Use our personnel and tools to maintain existing value and more importantly position for future value.  Some of our core capabilities in this regard center around the following:  


  • Assessment of reservoir yield and value using a combination of seismic, petrophysical, and modelling to yield reporting and/or certification of reserves;
  • Technology tools to simplify management of assets in the environmental, asset inventory, and risk management arenas;
  • Comprehensive, multi-media environmental, health, and safety services to assure that necessary authorizations are in place and ongoing compliance is demonstrated;
  • Maintaining, establishing, or assessing risk associated with ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Inventory and evaluation (e.g., integrity assessments) of physical assets; and
  • Transactional due diligence, which can include any or all of the above services.


Contact us for evaluation and management of distressed oil and gas assets:  




David O'Hara - Senior Vice President, RPS North America

David O'Hara

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