Designing the ultra-urban logistic hubs of the future: Project Sprout

27 Feb 2019

Following on from the very successful ‘Project Sweetcorn’ – which raced ahead in the public vote and featured on the front cover of the Property Week supplement – RPS has again been invited by Property Week and Savills to take part in a design competition. This time the brief was to design our vision of an ultra-urban logistics hub.

The way that we live, work and shop in the UK is changing; evidenced by the decline of the traditional high street and the rapid rise of ecommerce. This shift in our behaviours brings with it physical and cultural challenges in terms of infrastructure, logistics distribution and community. Urban centres are congested, yet the market demands a quicker response from point of sale to delivery.

Competing against other leading architects in the distribution sector, we recently submitted our design concept - Sprout.

Responding to these challenges, Sprout is designed to create a community and provide a work/life balance in a mixed-use environment. As well as providing services for its residents, Sprout is designed to be a retail and leisure destination and a logistics hub for last-mile delivery.

The design, along with more information is available to view in the latest edition of property week here. 

Or for a sneak peek inside the hub, use your phone to scan the QR code below.

To support Sprout, head to Instagram to like our entry on the Property Week account.


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