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19 May 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic is a crisis unlike any businesses have encountered. At RPS, we understand that the “next normal” looks different for every organization, each with its own workplace environment, business goals, and workforce.

As employees return to work, the emphasis shifts to ensuring a successful transition into the workplace that protects your people and maintains compliance with rapidly changing guidance and regulations.

RPS experts have built a comprehensive Return to Work (RTW) Toolkit using the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the “CDC”), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) Covid-19 guidance, and federal, state and local authorities’ recommendations.

The RTW Toolkit is customized to business sectors, geography and individual Company needs to ensure that your people, your operations, and your business needs are considered.

RPS can also provide client-specific Covid-19 related Programs & Assessments such as:  

  • Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness and Response Programs
  • Infectious Disease Programs
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Program
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program
  • Other Potentially Infectious Materials Programs
  • Emergency/Stakeholder Communication Programs
  • Industrial Hygiene/Employee Exposure Assessment
  • Sampling & Risk Assessments/Task Hazard Analysis
  • Laboratory Analysis to analyze collected surface samples for purposes of assessing the effectiveness of the cleaning/sanitizing activities


Contact RPS for more information on the about our Return to Work Toolkit:


Dave Buchalter

Senior Vice President, Compliance T: +1 404 812 0001 Email

Isla Cameron

Environmental Consultant T: (512) 579-3327 Email

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