Construction Industry Federation (CIF) Annual Conference 2016

20 Oct 2016

The CIF Conference 2016 'Constructing Ireland 2027: A 10 year vision for the construction industry' was held on 6th October. The theme focused on how the Irish construction industry will shape Irish society in the coming decade and envisages an internationally recognised, innovative industry that delivers world class construction and drives economic recovery and job creation.

RPS Director, PJ Rudden was invited by the CIF to participate in the Panel Discussion 'Perspectives on infrastructure gaps that need to be addressed if Ireland is to maintain and build on its competitiveness'. During the discussion, chaired by the Editor of the Sunday Business Post (SBP), PJ outlined the issue currently facing the industry on construction and demolition waste management, the need for a circular economy approach to maximise recycling and recovery, and the increasing costs involved. RPS has recently completed a report for the CIF on this issue.

PJ also called for more gender balance in engineering and the construction industry, calling it ‘a massive loss of creative talent’.

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