Celebrating our front line field operatives – keeping our water supplies flowing

13 Apr 2020

Water is the world’s most valuable resource. And the supply of clean water is vital to maintaining public health, especially during times of crisis when water companies need to keep water flowing and provide efficient sanitation by removing wastewater from our homes, hospitals and places of work.

Each day, the UK water network supplies billions of litres of clean water to homes and hospitals and subsequently removes this as waste. It’s then cleaned, treated, filtered and returned to the water network.

Employees in the water industry have been officially designated by the Government as “key” workers, and our RPS field operations team are continuing to support water companies to maintain water supply and sewerage services during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Our frontline staff, or water support heroes as we should be calling them, are delivering for our water company clients undertaking activities such as finding leaks, optimising water pressure on our networks, water sampling and mains flushing to ensure a continuous, quality supply.

Conrad Ashby, Managing Director of RPS Water Operations commends all RPS water operations staff, “The services our team delivers are critical to the continued health and wellbeing of communities across the UK and Republic of Ireland - their commitment, pragmatism and diligence in delivering these essential services is very much appreciated – and on each Thursday at 8pm I will stand with my local community to applaud them and other key members of our society.”

Join us at 8pm on Thursday night to acknowledge our water industry key workers - and clap a little bit harder because these teams are doing a really great job and we’re proud of them.



Dr Conrad Ashby

Managing Director Water Operations UK T: +44 7568 130846 Email
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