Water and Surveying Operations

If you’re visiting this page, it may be because you have seen our vans and people working in your area lately - and you’re wondering who we are, and more importantly, what we’re doing.

Our field activities

We work with water companies across the UK, Scotland and Ireland, helping to keep your water flowing as well as ensuring that you receive the best quality water. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Detecting leaks on the water network
  • Surveying pipes
  • Taking water quality samples 
  • Cleaning water mains 

Night work

While we try to carry out most of our work during the day, sometimes night work is unavoidable. It’s easier to undertake the above activities when the water network is quieter, because generally the demand for water during this period is lower.

We sincerely apologise if we have disturbed you - if you have any concerns at all, or need to speak to us, please call 03330 433365.

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