U.S. offshore wind: Theory through to practice

As the size, complexity, and importantly the number of offshore wind projects across the U.S. increases, so do the challenges associated with defining, designing and managing these major infrastructure projects.

We recognize that the growth of the U.S. offshore wind industry is predominantly being driven by state level commitments, which places an even greater need for a clear and consistent approach.

From theory through to practice, we explore these challenges in more detail to demonstrate why RPS is the right partner to help navigate complex permitting and compliance activities for offshore wind farm developments in fast-growing markets.

Overview: challenges for US offshore wind

  • The context for developing U.S. renewables

    We spoke with Anntonette Zembrzuska, RPS' new Director - North America Offshore Renewables, about the context in which renewables are developing in the U.S., and what this means for offshore wind in particular.

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  • US offshore wind: an industry getting ready to scale up

    In this follow-up interview with Anntonette Zembrzuska, we explore challenges in offshore wind construction compliance, infrastructure and staffing. We look at how to address these, and some of the solutions RPS is putting in place to help.

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Navigating the complex U.S. regulatory permitting regime

  • U.S. offshore wind permitting: the SAP. the COP, and the regulatory process in between

    In this article, we deliver an overview of the U.S. permitting regime and our insight regarding the Construction and Operations Plan (COP), some of the associated challenges and potential solutions.

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  • Understanding the Project Design Envelope - U.S. offshore wind permitting

    Submitted as part of a COP, a project design envelope allows lessees to outline a range of design parameters for their project. Adoption of this approach is optional, but the advantages make it well worth a developer’s time, effort, and investment!

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    Offshore regulatory permitting NAm - Project Design Envelope

Environmental construction compliance

  • Environmental compliance of U.S. offshore wind (with downloadable checklist)

    Environmental compliance for offshore wind is not limited to what happens in the COP. What are the compliance activities developers need to know about and how can you plan them effectively? Download our handy checklist, focusing on federal permits.

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  • Compliance Map

    This environmental compliance management software solution eases the complexities of managing your EHS obligations. This intuitive solution organizes compliance obligations across multiple site locations in one centralized, online platform.

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About us

RPS’ extensive offshore wind experience includes over 20 years at the forefront of the industry, working across the UK, wider Europe, the Americas, Australia, and Asia. We have worked on floating offshore wind and fixed foundation offshore wind projects, and we have deep experience in the provision of technical consultancy and operational support across the energy sector.

Capacity to meet our clients' needs

We employ some of the world's best offshore talent, with deep local and international expertise

RPS continues to grow to meet our clients’ needs - to ensure the best and most knowledgeable experts in the field are available to move the process of developing offshore wind projects forward, at pace, to meet future demand.

RPS North America - capacity statistics

Deep expertise and capability

It has never been more important to be aware of the potential environmental impacts and regulatory requirements, to drive toward the right technical solutions.

We work with our clients, supporting them to navigate the complex federal and state permitting process. We deliver confident and reliable approaches, with the right resources to design pragmatic solutions to avoid permitting and regulatory bottlenecks.

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Shaping the current regulatory environment

Over the last 15 years, the U.S. market has moved through the offshore wind development cycle – from concept through to development planning. We’ve been there from the start, delivering strategic studies and R&D support to BOEM, to underpin the development of a sustainable industry, and more recently, supporting developers with robust scientific advice.

In the early phases of offshore wind development and planning, the services we've provided included: ecological services modeling; meteorological modeling to assess offshore wind farm siting; and developing environmental and monitoring protocols for BOEM and the states. A small selection of the projects we have delivered - across 24 lease and call out areas - is shown on this timeline and below.

Offshore wind North America - RPS project experience

Leading minds solving complexity

Hear more from our subject matter experts

Develop your career with RPS

RPS is keeping pace with a rapidly developing renewables industry across the Americas. We have several opportunities for talented consultants to join our team. 

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How can we support your offshore wind development project?


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David O'Hara - Senior Vice President, RPS North America

David O'Hara

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