Navigating complex regulatory environments

As the size, complexity, and importantly the number of offshore wind projects across the U.S. increases, so do the challenges associated with permitting.

From theory through to practice, we explore these challenges in more detail to demonstrate why RPS is the right partner to help navigate the complex regulatory environment for offshore wind farm developments in fast-growing markets - making complex easy.

A breath of fresh air revitalizes the U.S. offshore wind sector

The U.S. offshore wind market is maturing rapidly. For developers, government, and contractors, navigating complex permitting requirements will require consultants like RPS who have the capability and capacity to support this growing demand.

In this article our team discusses some of the likely permitting challenges, and how RPS supports our clients to avoid delays. 

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U.S. offshore wind permitting: the SAP, the COP, and the regulatory process in between

In this article, the second in our North America offshore regulatory permitting series, RPS' Rick Zeroka, Director of Permitting – U.S. Offshore Renewables, delivers an overview of the U.S. permitting regime and his insight regarding the Construction and Operations Plan (COP), some of the associated challenges and potential solutions.

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Understanding the Project Design Envelope - U.S. offshore wind permitting

Submitted as part of a Construction and Operations Plan, a project design envelope allows lessees to outline a range of design parameters for their offshore wind project. Adoption of this approach is optional, but the advantages make it well worth a developer’s time, effort, and investment!

Offshore regulatory permitting NAm - Project Design Envelope

Capacity to meet our client's needs

We employ some of the world's best offshore talent, with deep local and international expertise

RPS continues to grow to meet our clients’ needs - to ensure the best and most knowledgeable experts in the field are available to move the process of developing offshore wind projects forward, at pace, to meet future demand.

RPS North America - capacity statistics

Meet the team

Watch: U.S. Offshore regulatory permitting: theory through to practice

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Rick Zeroka

Director of Permitting EMAIL
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Jill Rowe

Director, Ocean Science +1 401 661 8629 EMAIL
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Stephanie Milne

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David O'Hara

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