Top tips: TAN15 flood guidance

Addressing potential hydrological constraints early on can save time and money during the design and application process. Our Leading Minds webinar outlines changes to Welsh flood guidance (TAN 15) and what you need to consider when identifying future development opportunities. Read through our top tips and watch the webinar below.

Watch: TAN15 webinar

In this Leading Minds episode, hear hydrology specialists Jonathan Morley, Technical Director, Francesca Caggiano, Principal Consultant, discuss:

💧 The link between hydrology and planning
💧 The benefits of a detailed flood consequence assessment
💧 Key considerations when identifying future development opportunities

✔ Top tips

  • Ensure that the Flood Consequence Assessment (FCA) has taken account of current Development Advice Map (DAM) and Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) Wales Map, as well as the emerging Flood Map for Planning.
  • Seek pre-application advice on prospective sites shown to be at flood risk.
  • Look to establish if Natural Resources Wales (NRW) or the Local planning authority (LPA) have any available model flood data for sites at risk.
  • Ensure that there are practicable and feasible flood mitigation options available.
  • Ensure site is suitable to flood risk zone, and likely to be deemed appropriate.

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