Top tips: Invasive species

Invasive and non-native species can cause harm to development. Having an awareness of the legislation in place can help you manage them and prevent damage to the environment, biodiversity, and land values. Read through our top tips and watch our webinar below.

Watch: Invasive species webinar

In this Leading Minds episode, hear Peter Watson - Principal Ecologist, discuss how to identify invasive species and limit their impact to development.

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✔ Top tips

  • Ensure early identification - fly-tipping, watercourses and rail corridors increase the risk of invasives being present
  • Where invasives are suspected or confirmed, secure the area against disturbance and obtain specialist advice
  • Obtain a Management Plan that provides all the potential control options and site specific recommendations
  • Agree a herbicide or remediation strategy and implement prior to site clearance
  • If appropriate to the development proposals (residential) request warrantee and IBG
  • Ensure all invasive contractors are members of the Property Care Association (PCA), the invasive weed trade association

Non-native Pest Plants

Due to the negative impact of non-native pest plants, it's vital their control is managed integrally. It is illegal to facilitate the spread of over 40 listed non-native pest plant species into the wild (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981).

Learn more about how we can support you in managing invasive species. 

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