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The Catalyst is an all-new e-magazine brought to you by the RPS Laboratories team. It contains in-depth articles and case studies of our work in analysis, investigation and exposure monitoring across several industries and good laboratory practice. 

At RPS Laboratories, we are known for our deep expertise in a wide range of scientific analysis, monitoring and compliance services, conducted from independent laboratory facilities in the United Kingdom and Europe. Using state-of-the-art instrumentation, we are always customising chemical investigation and analysis solutions to help our clients.

The Catalyst aims to spark a conversation about everything that goes into doing what we do best. We’d like to recognise good laboratory practice, occupational hygiene methods and exposure monitoring amongst other important areas that keep us operating to the high standards we set ourselves


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What's in the latest issue

This inaugural issue of the Catalyst, takes a deep dive into isocyanate exposure monitoring, explores our capabilities with PFAS analysis and provides you with an insightful look at quartz countertops and their risk with silicosis exposure, amongst several other articles. We also explore what Good Laboratory Practice means to us, through the words of our lab specialists. 


Isocyanate Exposure Monitoring - what are isocyanates and should you worry about them?

Cutting back on quartz countertops - silicosis exposure in the workplace and how to combat it

Understanding PFAS chemicals - how we can help you with them

Effective diesel fume exposure monitoring - helping employers breathe easy

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