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RPS helps solve problems that matter with technology-enabled engineering solutions for sustainable, resilient, and vibrant communities.

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Transportation infrastructure

RPS provides innovative solutions to transportation challenges that meet our clients' short-term and long-term goals. We offer expertise in the planning, designing, and managing of a wide range of transportation projects. Our planners and engineers have worked with various regulatory agencies and municipalities at the state and federal government levels. RPS delivers practical, cost-effective solutions for transportation planning projects by considering local, state, and federal regulations.

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Water infrastructure

RPS excels at delivering critical planning, design, and engineering services for water and wastewater projects. Our technical experts will apply decades of experience and a thorough understanding of constructability to make your project successful. Watch our video to see our scope of services.

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Flooding and drainage

FloodMap: Unique visualization

Our FloodMap software is a unique web application that takes raw data from hydraulic model output files to an interactive, online map that is easily viewable on any platform. These results come to life through interactive visualizations including velocity particle tracing, flood inundation animations by simulation time step, and swipe block for any hydraulic output values for comparison between different frequency storms and design scenarios.

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Data management

RPS prides itself on utilizing cross-functional groups of highly specialized experts, including scientists, engineers, computer engineers, GIS specialists, and data managers, to tackle intricate and challenging issues. Our solutions to data management are vast and impartial when it comes to technology, so we can provide customized data management solutions that cater to your specific organizational needs, goals, IT policies, and security demands.

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As our world continues to become more crowded and our resources become more limited, it is crucial that we develop a deeper comprehension of how people interact with both the constructed and natural environments surrounding us.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies including visualization, spatial intelligence and dynamic scenario modelling, our focus is on minimizing the negative impacts of human development on eco-systems, while enhancing the capability of communities to respond to environmental risks.

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Program management

RPS provides program management to support municipalities in the management of interconnected projects and budgets. Our clients can rely on RPS for general engineering consulting, staff augmentation, corridor management, and capital program management.

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Sustainability and ESG

As our world continues to progress, we are beginning to witness an escalation of risks linked to maintaining a level of resilience and sustainability. The regulations that govern these matters are becoming more restrictive, and the scrutiny from investors is only intensifying. With greater awareness, consumers want more from the products and services they use. 

ESG factors are playing a significant role in determining investment strategy, consumer behavior and operational decisions. However, successfully translating ESG insights into tangible actions can prove challenging due to the intricate nature of such factors. 

Environmentally friendly architecture


Coastal resilience

The inhabitants of seaside regions often face the daunting prospect of confronting a multitude of natural perils including coastal storms, water inundation, marine debris, and tsunamis. To add to their worries, population growth, overdevelopment, and loss of natural resources compound their woes. Adding fuel to fire is the impact of climate change that only seems to magnify the severity and recurrence of such disasters by raising the sea level and intensifying the magnitude of unprecedented weather anomalies.

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RPS is dedicated to the field of energy exploration, development and optimization. If your energy project is located in remote regions - either on land or at sea - RPS has the necessary expertise to help you navigate the complexities.

Our team of experienced professionals can provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure your project runs smoothly. These services include thorough due diligence, safety and risk management, geotechnical assessments, environmental management, infrastructure planning, and optimization of yields. So, whatever your energy project requirements may be, RPS is well equipped to provide you with the necessary support to achieve success.

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