Sustainable Travel and Micro-mobility: Top tips

Sustainable travel is a hot topic that's rapidly evolving. Keeping up to date with current developments and understanding your options is crucial in promoting your scheme through the planning system. Check out our top tips below and download our guidance for making room for cyclists in your development plans.


✔ Top tips

  • Consider cycling from the outset of a project – fitting routes in later will be challenging
  • Remember the 5 key principles of cycle design – Safe, Coherent, Direct, Comfortable, Attractive
  • Experience the site on a bike if you can
  • Plan for cyclists aged 8-80
  • Seek to separate cyclists from pedestrians and traffic
  • Bear in mind that the speeds and flow of traffic on the local roads will influence what solutions are appropriate
  • Future-proof layouts by considering micro-mobility
  • Consider that deliveries can also be made by cargo cycles

× Things to avoid

  • Don’t assume that cyclists can share space with pedestrians
  • Don’t mix cyclists with vehicles over 20mph
  • Don’t try to squeeze cycles into spaces that are inadequate
  • Don’t miss out of the opportunities micro-mobility could bring


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