3D visualisation

RPS' global 3D outcrop inventory puts the world's most descriptive, illustrative, and informative outcrop examples right at your fingertips.

3D visualisation in action

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Compare and contrast locations

Geoscientists, engineers, and integrated teams can compare and contrast locations once separated by oceans, side by side, delivering deep insight into the subsurface geology of the fields they explore, develop and operate.

Truskleve Fly to VR Combined

Discover the connection between subsurface theory and the real world

Whether in the classroom, field, or online, course participants will increase their technical competency by discovering the connection between subsurface theory and the real world.

  • Visualising the scale and continuity of flow units directly on the outcrop, providing an unparalleled perspective of the subsurface.
  • Enhancing understanding of depositional and structural  environments by integrating satellite imagery with basin-scale data right to the pore scale in a 3D environment.
3d Visualising flow units on outcrop


3D outcrop visualisations increase the technical understanding of the subsurface, improving your team's ability to make informed decisions.

Multi-disciplinary teams can interact, share knowledge, and problem solve in a dynamic virtual space that promotes creative thinking, integration and collaboration using real-life examples.

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