Project management for buildings and infrastructure

RPS provides end-to-end project management services for building and infrastructure construction projects.

Offering project management for construction projects across a range of sectors, RPS can help you to identify cost-effective delivery options and progress through the project lifecycle with confidence.

We provide the expertise and resources you need to deliver your development initiatives on time, on budget, and to the highest possible quality.


We specialise in:

Project managers review a plan
Project strategy, scoping and feasibility studies

We define your project and develop your scope of work, while helping you to communicate clearly with project stakeholders, sponsors, and teams. Through critical analysis of opportunities and risks, and detailed assessment of your business goals, we develop feasibility studies that are financially robust and strategically aligned.

Project sequencing and scheduling

With a clear strategy and scope established, we create detailed delivery programs that define interdependencies, milestones, actions and responsibilities. These plans provide a clear path for engaging consultants and contractors, and keeping your project on track.

Project costing and value management

From value management in the design phase to the strategic evaluation of tenders, the management of costs in procurement, and robust contract management in delivery, we’re committed to generating the optimum return on your investment.

Market sounding and engagement

We support you to effectively engage with consultants and contractors as you move towards project implementation. From recommendations on potential partners to the management of complex market sounding processes, we identify skills and expertise to suit your project’s scale, budget, technical and commercial requirements.

Procurement and contract administration

We manage and support all project procurement activities from the development of tender documents to the negotiation of contract terms. Drawing on our experience delivering large programs of work in the context of complex regulatory and security requirements, our focus is on minimising risk and maximising value. 

Delivery, handover and commissioning support

We provide the full range of project management services needed to achieve your strategy and deliver projects successfully. Drawing on many years of experience managing small and large programs of work, we’re here to help you achieve your project goals.

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Peter Crunkhorn, General Manager - Brisbane, Project Management

Peter Crunkhorn

General Manager - Project Management, Buildings and Property T: +61 7 3539 9500 Email
Brisbane | Australia
Jacquelyn Lavercombe, RPS General Manager

Jacquelyn Lavercombe

General Manager - Project Management, Buildings and Property T: +61 2 5112 0400 Email
Canberra | Australia

Tane Kingi

General Manager - Project Management (Buildings and Property) T: +61 3 9102 6400 Email
View profile »
Melbourne | Australia
Agnieszka Stopyra

Agnieszka Stopyra

Project Director T: +61 8 8989 1400 Email
Darwin | Australia
Heinrich Schulze, Regional Manager - Wellington, New Zealand

Heinrich Schulze

Regional Manager - Wellington T: +64 4 390 1309 Email
View profile »
Wellington | New Zealand

David Humphry

General Manager - Project Management, Buildings and Property T: +61 8 9211 1111 Email
Perth - Subiaco | Australia
Joanne Cunningham, General Manager - Project Management, Buildings and Property

Joanne Cunningham

General Manager - Project Management, Buildings and Property T: +61 2 8099 3200 Email
Sydney | Australia

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