OILMAPWeb is a web based system for modelling oil releases. It provides rapid predictions of the movement of spilled oil. It includes simple procedures for simulating a spill using wind and hydrodynamic data and specifying spill parameters. OILMAPWeb fills the need for remote modelling of oil spills when a spill occurs. It can be coupled with GIS response resources and a multimedia reference section containing response information to assist in response strategies and planning.

Applications of OILMAPWeb

  • Remote oil spill modelling
  • Oil spill Response
  • Oil spill response decision support
  • Oil spill response training
  • Spill drill exercises
  • Contingency planning studies
  • Management of spill related data
  • Management of GIS resources

OilmapWeb Highlights

  • World-wide capability
  • Rapid sharing of model results through online database
  • Visualization and download of model results inclusing Fates, viscosity, thickness, Density, Area and Volume

OILMAPWeb Features

  • Simplified Web version of existing OILMAP desktop version
  • GIS data integration and visualization
  • Multimedia Data integration
  • Storage and visualization of response plans
  • Simplified sharing of model results between users through online shared database of scenarios.
  • Custom wind and hydrodynamic data integration
  • Linking to multimedia reference section through hot-linking from GIS data
  • Emergency response resources integration
  • Rapid impact identification

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