OILMAPLand is a land and surface water spill model system for simulating oil and chemical releases from pipelines, rail corridors, storage facilities, and many other land based locations. OILMAPLand fills the need for a numerical modelling tool that is used to calculate release volumes from pipeline ruptures and for simulating oil and chemical spill transport over land and in surface water networks. OILMAPLand integrates with Esri ArcGIS® Desktop to allow complete integration with other pipeline, facility, or rail data and provides GIS outputs for additional analysis.

Applications of OILMAPLand:

  • Simulation of oil and chemical releases that occur on land and migrate to streams and lakes
  • Meets federal hazardous pipeline safety regulations: Pipeline Integrity Management Rule (49 CFR 195.452)
  • Model generated GIS spill plumes can be overlaid with High Consequence Area (HCA) and other dataAssists in pipeline route and valve placement planning
  • Hindcasts/forecasts spills for response actions and training
  • Aids oil spill contingency planning
  • Supports oil spill response drills and education

OILMAPLand Features:

Spill Volume Calculation - calculates the potential volume released from a full-bore rupture of the pipeline. The total includes the volume released while pumps are operating and volume available to drain from the pipeline under gravity between closed valves.

  • Inputs include: Pipeline inside diameter and flow rate; Valve location, type, and closure time; elevation along the pipeline

Land Spill Model – Calculates the overland flow of oils and chemicals from point source releases.

  • Processes include: evaporation, adherence to land surface depression storage, spreading and channelized flow

Surface Water Model - determines the path and physical fate of the spilled oil or chemical once it enters the surface water system

  • Processes include: evaporation, shoreline oiling, spreading in waterbodies

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