OILMAPDeep is a near-field model used to simulate subsurface releases of oil and gas. The model is integrated within OILMAP for seamless simulations of both the near-field and far-field environment. OILMAPDEEP predicts the near-field plume characteristics and oil droplet size distributions for a specified release. A subsurface dispersant treatment module is also included that incorporates the effects of time varying subsurface dispersant treatment.

Applications of OILMAPDeep

  • Well blowout response planning
  • Well blowout response decision support
  • Spill drill exercises
  • Contingency planning studies

OILMAPDeep Model Highlights

  • World-wide capability
  • Models deep water plumes
  • CDOG or OILMAP plume formulation
  • Surface weathering/hydrate formation
  • Inherits all of the functionality of OILMAP
  • EDS: Environmental Data Server™ integration


  • Includes subsea plume and surface transport for shallow and deep releases
  • Implements both the Clarkson CDOG Version 2.02 and RPS simple plume calculations
  • Incorporates 2d and 3d hydrodynamic model flow fields
  • Output includes plan and section views of plume, in-water, and on-surface model predictions
  • Develop blowout relief well drilling contingency planning
  • 3d flow fields available for Gulf of Mexico and West Africa drilling/production areas
  • Contains RPS ASA’s own GIS or can be used in other GIS software such as ArcView®
  • Seamless integration of RPS’s EDS: Environmental Data Server™ real-time and historical global environmental data from top data providers

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