OILMAP for AGOL is the web-based version of OILMAP Desktop fit for the Common Operational Platform.  OILMAP for AGOL is a user friendly modelling system suitable for use in marine emergency response, pollution control and contingency planning.  It includes simple graphical procedures for entering input data such as wind and currents in the area of interest, and the information about the spill / emergency scenario.

The OILMAP for AGOL version includes access to the following:

  • Seamless access to the system from anywhere with web connectivity
  • Capable of adding additional users as projects grow
  • Robust for critical emergency response
  • No need for upgrades or patches on local PCs
  • High flexibility for data integration and service based connections
  • No platform compatibility issues as operating systems change.  Compliant with most web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari)

The OILMAP for AGOL version includes access to the following:

  • OILMAP’s numerical modelling engine (a two-dimensional oil spill model)
  • A geographic location, that includes all information necessary to create new scenarios and access previously stored scenarios, including model inputs, outputs, and GIS databases.
  • Use of Met-Ocean data for up to three days into the future and one month historical use (adjusted if needed during incidents)

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