Coastal and offshore industries require reliable information on winds, meteorology, waves, currents, tides, sediment concentration, and water quality parameters. Our scientists provide meteorological and oceanographic measurement programs and real-time systems to synthesise metocean data for the oil and gas industry, government and defence agencies, ports, resource exporters, coastal infrastructure developers and the offshore wind industry. Our large equipment inventory and oceanographic expertise support project needs from the early phases of development and assessment through operations and decommissioning.

Real-time data for informed decisions

We specialise in integrating our proprietary real-time measurement systems with clients’ on-board systems, providing certified display interfaces and supporting a range of direct and near real-time data access through redundant systems. Our monitoring systems data can be fully-integrated using global metocean standards in the RPS OceansMap web-based data management platform.

We make our measurement data accessible from web applications, mobile devices, and scientific packages for analysis. With a depth of experienced metocean engineers, we add significant value to measurement services with interpretive analysis and intelligent design criteria development.


Our expertise

  • Scoping and designing measurement programs and complex real-time data systems
  • Implementing remotely moored projects with dozens of moorings and high-quality instruments
  • Measuring currents with high accuracy and frequency using our noiseless, calibrated CM04 current meters
  • Providing long-term measurement solutions on drilling rigs (e.g. ADCP)
  • Developing and deploying high-performance floating LiDAR buoys for offshore wind industry
  • Designing and constructing custom buoy solutions
  • Characterising transient phenomena that are typically challenging to measure (e.g. long-period waves, internal waves, solitons)

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