Marine Emergency Response

RPS leads the field in developing software and solutions for marine emergency response. Our oceanographers, data specialists, and modellers tackle a range of scenarios from oil spill response to search and recovery of assets and saving lives at sea.

Solving real world challenges

We train and assist clients in developing efficient response plans for a variety of challenging emergencies Our software systems and expertise are relied on globally by oil and gas operators, maritime rescue coordination centres, salvage companies and police agencies.


Our expertise

  • Providing 24/7 response for emergencies
  • Simulating oil and chemical surface spills, deep-sea blowouts, gaseous releases, extreme events (e.g. storm surge, tsunamis)
  • Reverse modelling to identify sources of ‘mystery’ slicks
  • Integrating remote sensing and aerial surveillance into model predictions
  • Developing oil spill contingency and oil pollution prevention plans
  • Assessing oil spill risk and spill response and mitigation strategies
  • Oil spill response capability audit
  • Developing search and rescue software (SARMAP) used by response agencies worldwide
  • Managing Environmental Data Server (EDS) technology that collects oceanographic and meteorological data so reliable metocean forecasts are always available for trajectory predictions
  • Delivering accredited spill, search and rescue, oil spill response, and Incident Command System (ICS) training courses to clients

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