Biological monitoring and analysis in the workplace, serves two purposes. Firstly, it monitors how well any control measures that have been put in place are working. Secondly, it confirms that employees are not being exposed to harmful levels of any chemical(s) in the workplace.

Employers are legally required to observe the workplace exposure limits for all chemicals and compounds listed in the Health and Safety Executive’s EH40 publication. They are also required to conduct risk assessments of their processes, putting in place measures to control the risk, where necessary

What is biological monitoring?

Biological monitoring provides a way of assessing a person’s exposure to a chemical(s) in the workplace, usually via blood or urine. It involves testing for the chemical, often via breakdown products as the body metabolises the chemical. While urinalysis is a non-invasive method of monitoring, with samples being taken by the employee blood testing needs to be undertaken by a medical professional as it is more invasive.

Biological monitoring can help confirm to employers that the existing control measures they have in place, are adequate. It can also demonstrate where additional preventative steps and controls need are needed, where chemical exposure can result from inadequate equipment, incorrect use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) or changes in work processes.

Our expertise in biological monitoring and analysis

RPS has extensive experience in the analysis of chemicals in biological samples, supported by our in-house Occupational Health teams. We are UKAS-accredited for a number of our methods and are constantly adding to our portfolio of biological testing in response to client needs.

We offer quick results, within easy-to-understand reports and we can provide our clients with sampling containers that comply with all relevant transport legislation. All of our urinary testing includes creatinine correction, allowing results to be corrected relative to levels of hydration in a person.

We can assist our clients with the following biological analysis:

Blood analysis
  • Lead (includes haemoglobin and Zpp)
  • Metals (for specific metals please contact a member of the team shown below),
  • Xylene (Methyl-hippuric acid),
  • Mandelic acid.
  • Isocyanate metabolites
  • Benzene metabolite (SPMA)
  • Solvents (toluene, methanol)
  • PAH metabolites (1-Hydroxyprene)
  • Bromine/Bromide metabolite (2-hydroxyethyl mercapturic acid)


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