Testing and analysis

Our independent laboratory facilities can provide you with the clarity and confidence you need to make informed decisions. Providing a wide range of scientific analysis, monitoring and compliance services, using state-of-the-art instrumentation, we customise chemical investigation and analysis solutions specifically for your needs. We have a reputation for solving complex analytical problems, often working within tight time scales.

Providing analytical clarity

Specialising in detection processes for organic contaminants, priority organic pollutants, explosives, occupational toxins and emerging contaminants, our team is equipped to identify trace levels of contamination, even at ultra-low limits of detection. We can help you to comply with international quality standards, maximum residue limits, environmental regulations and more.  
We are committed to making the complex easy and can help you to understand and manage contamination, toxicity and pollution risks.


Our expertise

  • Trace analysis  
  • Food, beverage and agrochemical residue analysis 
  • Analysis of unknowns 
  • Asbestos analysis 
  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Explosives and chemical agent analysis 
  • Occupational hygiene & microbiology 
  • Pathology, drug & alcohol testing 
  • Gas, air and stack analysis 
  • Sampling pumps and equipment hire
  • Marine sediments & particle size analysis 
  • Oil and Gas geochemistry 
  • Geotechnical analysis 
  • Biostratigraphypalynology & chemical stratigraphy  
  • Testing and analysis

UKAS accredited

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