Stack emission analysis

Industrial and power generation facilities are legally required to monitor an increasing number of compounds from their stacks.

RPS has deep industry experience and knowledge in the delivery of stack testing services. We understand the challenges our clients face and can respond quickly with cost effective, bespoke solutions specific to individual requirements, including analytical turnaround times and service deliverables. 

Our team of highly experienced analytical and technical staff provide support to stack emission test houses, process operators and consultants to comply with legislation in relation to emissions to atmosphere. Legislation includes the Environmental Permitting Regulations (2010) and the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010).

We are an active member of the Source Testing Association (STA). Our laboratories perform consistently to a high level in the LGC STACKS quality assurance scheme, and we hold an expansive UKAS scope of accreditation which includes a wide range of M2 Methods.


Our expertise

  • Technical support
  • Supply of media
  • Accredited analysis
  • Dedicated account management
  • Collection and delivery service

Accredited analytical capabilities include:

  • Ammonia (BS EN 14791)
  • Anions/Acids (USEPA Method USEPA26+26A/BSEN 1911-1:2001)
  • Formaldehyde (USEPA 316)
  • HCI (BSEN 1911-1:1998)
  • HF (BS ISO 15713:2006)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide (USEPA 11)
  • lsocyanates (USEPA CTM 036)
  • Mercury (USEPA 29/BSEN 13211 :2001)
  • Metals (USEPA 29/BSEN 14385:2004)
  • Nitrogen Oxides (USEPA Method 7D)
  • Particulates (BSEN 13284/BSISO 9096:2003)
  • Phenols and Cresols (BSEN 13649)
  • Sulphur Dioxide (BSEN 14791 :2005)
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (BSEN 13649:2002)

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