Wellsite biostratigraphy

RPS has over 20 years experience in providing the highest quality wellsite biostratigraphic (palynology, micropalaeontology and nannopalaeontology) support. Many of our biostratigraphers have been involved with offshore projects for over 20 years, and as a group, completed in excess of 300 wellsite assignments.

We have a large fleet of mobile laboratories available, including modules for standard palynology preparations (see laboratory services division for further information), Ichron’s PalyLITE™ (acid free) modules, micropalaeontological modules and nannopalaeontological modules.

Our expertise

  • Biosteering/Geosteering and well trajectory monitoring
  • Cavings analysis to pinpoint stratigraphic position of borehole instability
  • Coverage of all ages from Neogene to Pre-Cambrian
  • Integrated (NaviSTRAT™) service

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