Process Safety Management

Effective Process Safety aims to keep processes within ‘safe operating limits’, while optimising overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

RPS focuses on the risk assessment and prevention of Major Accident Hazards (MAHs) and Major Accidents to the Environment (MATTEs) (e.g chemical releases, explosions and fires) that can result in substantial financial loss, onsite and offsite consequences to people, environmental impact and long-term damage to businesses.

Manage risk, achieve compliance

Effective process safety management is key in ensuring a company's safe operation and productivity. Increasing labour turnover rates, an ageing workforce and poor records of previous hazardous events can all lead to operational, safety and quality issues. 

Providing peace of mind, our process safety experts work across a wide range of industries to help our clients achieve compliance with evolving legislation, corporate standards and third-party independent requirements.


Working together to manage process safety

Our experience extends across the chemical and pharmaceutical, oil and gas, aerospace manufacturing and defence industries as well as working for design system integrators, Engineering Procurement Construction (EPCs), and end-users.

After working closely with our clients to understand their challenges, our team will create a plan to address process safety concerns throughout the full lifecycle – from Hazard Identification through to decommissioning. 

To reduce the likelihood and severity of safety incidents, we ensure the appropriate layers of protection are implemented and maintained.

Project managers working on a construction program and cost plan

Our process safety expertise

We specialise in hazard identification, risk assessment and analysis, including all aspects of:

  • PHA / PHR
  • Functional Safety - SIL / LOPA / Risk Graph / Full safety-lifecycle support 
  • Machinery Safety incl. PUWER
  • Consequence modelling (CFD / PHAST / FLACS)
  • Human Factors
  • OBRA
  • Fire and Gas mapping
  • Fire engineering

Process safety management experts

Our multi-disciplinary team offers expertise across all aspects of risk management. 

We are active members of professional institutions (InstMC, IMechE, IET, IEC) and are at the forefront in influencing and defining best practice demonstrated through our authoring of industry guidance documents and standards (e.g. EI15 and BS 60080). 

Our proactive approach to process safety helps our clients build a collaborative relationship with regulators including the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and Environmental Agencies (EA, NIEA, NRW, SEPA).

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