Seismic technology assessments

RPS delivers seismic technology assessments for marine, land and borehole seismic projects.  RPS is entirely independent of all seismic contractors. Technology assessments are part of our integrated seismic project management services. We understand that seismic technologies are deployed to optimize reservoir management and resource extraction. 4D seismic data is integral to highlighting permeability pathways, identifying reservoir compartmentalization, and locating unproduced oil and gas, and reducing well placement uncertainty.

Seismic data is therefore key to increased efficiencies in offshore drilling and production.

We complete over 100 contractor performance studies and audits annually. This experience is from the direct engagement of RPS professionals in the field. It allows RPS to understand the capabilities of the seismic contractors and aids in planning for future operations.

Contractor capability assessments

Choosing the right contractor to partner with on seismic projects is a decision that can significantly impact project costs. RPS has worked with the great majority of the world’s seismic contractors, including smaller regional companies and state-owned entities.  We have in-depth knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. We provide shortlists of suitable contractors to invite to tender for particular surveys, having regard to experience, technical ability, health, safety and environmental (HSE) record, cultural factors and ease of mobilisation.  

Independent audits

Exploration teams and investors need to be confident in the quality of data used in their projects. Poor data can cause significant setbacks, increasing costs. Our team of technical audit engineers deliver in-depth and independent assessment of seismic recording equipment and energy sources, assuring that data acquired meets the technical specifications and is gathered cost-effectively.

Seismic projects take place in some of the most challenging and sensitive environments. Contractor’s and their sub-contractors HSE management systems must be robust, up to date and meet all local requirements. To mitigate the risk of deficiencies, RPS HSE specialists audit, review and make recommendations on the contractor’s HSE management system, increasing certainly in their effectiveness and compliance.

Market assessments and budget planning

Determining a realistic budget and cost for the entire seismic project is a crucial step to meeting that budget. Technically qualified contractors participate in our pre-qualification exercise.  This includes the compilation of questionnaires and submission of estimates for a provisional scope of work. On the basis of the market assessment, RPS will be able to derive a realistic budget for the entire seismic project, including additional costs such as permits, stakeholder engagement, explosives, crop compensation and data processing.

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