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Strategic and commercial advisory for the energy sector

We provide strategic, commercial and technical advisory services for downstream clients operating worldwide, including refining, trading and supply, commercial fuels, lubricants and retail. Our experienced teams deliver services to support operational optimisation, strategy and health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) management.

Strategic and commercial advisory for the energy sector

Refining, trading and supply

Our refining, trading and supply practice covers business processes from crude acquisition through to product distribution.

The current volatile oil price environment and structural changes taking place in the downstream industry will present a number of challenges for refiners and marketers.

Industry refining margins will remain uncertain for the next several years, and consequently, the winners in the sector are likely to be those who are creative in delivering added value, as well as being aggressive in reducing their costs. We focus on supporting these two dimensions of improvement for our clients.


  • Refining profit optimisation
  • Health, safety, security and environment (HSSE),  risk management and projects
  • Trading and supply, margin optimisation
  • Investment, due diligence and delivery
Commercial fuels and specialities

Our commercial fuels and specialities practice provides expertise for the different products, infrastructure and markets.

Commercial fuels and specialities are probably the most competitive part of the downstream market. Every efficiency, opportunity and advantage needs to be captured. The level of operational, strategic and marketing capability needed to win requires an organisation to develop truly integrated strategies and plans. Beyond asset development and utilisation, market, customer, safety and regulatory impacts all demand attention.

commerical fuels


  • Primary distribution
  • Storage and handling
  • Supply and distribution
  • Customers and markets



The lubricants sector continues to be subject to a very challenging environment. With evidence of commoditisation across the value chain, original equipment manufacturer (OEM), globalisation, national oil companies growth aspirations and volume attrition within the developed economies, lubricant companies and their suppliers need to ensure robust strategies are in place to deliver sustainable, acceptable performance. RPS believes that a market-led approach will be key to success and we work with our clients to develop and deliver optimum revenue growth and cost efficiency opportunities.



  • Strategy
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Marketing

Our retail practice provides unrivaled levels of hands on expertise in all aspects of service station operation, network optimisation, and non-fuel income maximisation

The challenges faced by the retail sector in a climate of fluctuating fuel prices, ageing real estate, and high customer expectations in emerging markets are well known. Maximising returns from each and every part of your real estate is vital in today’s competitive arena. RPS offers what is probably the most complete range of services in the business, ranging from strategy definition or review, market entry and convenience store development, to merchandising and store operation audit. Our deep expertise across the entire retail value chain ensures that a complete and integrated view of any problem, and the potential solutions, are developed and delivered on time.



  • Procurement and logistics
  • Offers and partnerships
  • Strategy development
  • Assets and execution
  • Retailing excellence

Recent projects

Global refining project

RPS carried out a long-term global assessment of new refining builds, product supply and demand, trade flows, and refining margins to provide insight for a client considering various options for their refinery system. This included the impact of changing crude slates, evolving product specifications and increasing levels of biofuels in the transport pool.

exploration-and-appraisal-studies 1600x1000.jpg

Trading unit feasibility study

A refiner and marketer engaged RPS to develop a model for a new business unit focused on entrepreneurial trading, with an aspiration to profit from the market and take out-right positions over and above the commercial optimisation of its existing assets. RPS carried out a detailed market environment analysis, competitor benchmarking study, an evaluation of the existing positions and the potential trading options.


Commercial support for downstream M&A

RPS has provided support across multiple commercial elements for major mergers and acquisition (M&A) deals. These have included deals in the refining, lubricants, supply and logistics and commercial fuels sectors. For instance, RPS provided due diligence support for a major refinery acquisition, assessing commercial upsides from the refining operations, as well as analysing the growth potential of the associated downstream marketing businesses.

overhead view of an oil refinery at night

Option assessment for petrochemical project

As part of strategy work advising on a country’s developing energy industry, RPS carried out an assessment for a new petrochemicals complex. This involved analysis and interpretation of global, regional and local markets in order to recommend the best approach for the client. We subsequently supported the client through the process of identifying and screening potential investors, developing the commercial structure and negotiated agreements required for the project. RPS acted as owner’s engineer during the feasibility study process.


Lubricants pricing strategy

RPS implemented a programme to reset the strategic pricing of a major global lubricants brand. This involved the shaping and interpretation of qualitative and quantitative customer research to drive new price positioning, delivering significant incremental value for the client.


HSSE and risk management

As part of ongoing support for a South American oil company, RPS conducted an health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) and operations review prior to commissioning of a large refinery revamp. In addition, RPS completed a schedule risk analysis for the project.
RPS developed and piloted a new project risk management procedure for a large National Oil Company

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