Reservoir geology

RPS provides a wide range of services geared towards understanding stratigraphic development, structural issues, depositional models and controls on the preservation of reservoir quality at depth.

We are particularly focused on characterising reservoir heterogeneity at all scales; to this end we have an active in-house research programme based around a portfolio of carefully chosen outcrop analogues.

Services range from wireline log interpretation, through to core description, petrographic analysis, image log interpretation and training. We are also specialists in the description of ‘bioturbated’ reservoirs.

Depositional modelling and stratigraphic correlation

When performed correctly, integrated depositional modelling and stratigraphic correlation provide vital evidence with regard to the origin, geometry and orientation of reservoir bodies and related seals.

There are also important implications with regard to the application of predicative stratigraphic models in play fairway analysis. Throughout, emphasis needs to be placed on integrating a range of disciplines in order to provide robust models and realistic outcomes. RPS offers a range of complementary services, performed by highly skilled staff, which allow this process to take place in a controlled time-efficient manner.

  • Wireline log interpretation
  • Electrofacies analysis
  • Core description (range of scales; WellCAD or Illustrator format)
  • Facies analysis and depositional modelling
  • Detailed trace fossil analysis (depositional refinements, key stratal surface characterisation and impact on reservoir quality)
  • Integration of biostratigraphical and chemostratigraphical datasets
  • Stratigraphic correlation and mapping
  • Integration of seismic data
  • Acquisition, analysis and application of outcrop analogue data
  • Supply of digital databases (includes ODM, WellCAD and GIS)
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Petrographic analysis of a range of types can be carried out on core, sidewall core and ditch cuttings samples. Thin section analysis is routinely used to statistically quantify grain size, sorting parameters, detrital and authigenic mineralogy and porosity types.

The resultant data can be closely integrated with the results of X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), isotope data, fluid inclusions, core analysis, geochemistry and cathodoluminescence (CL) analysis in order to understand the diagenetic history of the samples and derive important information regarding the morphology of pores and cement types. Integrating the results of the above enables one to precisely evaluate textual and diagenetic controls on reservoir quality.

  • Thin section preparation and description (clastic, carbonate and basement)
  • Statistical grain size analysis (100 point)
  • Detailed modal analysis (200, 300 point)
  • Whole-rock XRD analysis
  • Clay-fraction XRD analysis
  • Detailed SEM and BSEM analysis
  • Cathodoluminescence analysis
  • Image analysis



Image log analysis

Image log analysis (ILA) provides important structural, sedimentological and geomechanical data for use in reservoir evaluation, including the recognition and orientation of structural domains/zones, palaeoslopes, bedding styles, sediment dispersal patterns and the contemporary in situ stress regime.

ILA is performed by our in-house team of specialists using Terrastation II software. Our image analysts are experienced reservoir geologists committed to providing independent data QC, robust analysis and meaningful geological solutions.

  • Data quality control and processing
  • Data processing &/or processing enhancement
  • Depth shifting
  • Interpretation confidence assessment
  • Manual surface and feature identification
  • Structural analysis – structural domains/zones and tectonic tilt correction
  • Fracture and fault characterisation
  • Sedimentological analysis – palaeoslopes, bedding styles and sediment dispersal patterns
  • Sand flagging
  • Stress regime analysis – contemporary in situ stress regime
  • Image log and core data integration
  • Core goniometry
  • Facies analysis
  • Integration and interpretation


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These services can be undertaken as a stand-alone project or in combination with any or all of the services RPS offers. Our ability to integrate services provides our clients with a unique opportunity to benefit from common project management across disciplines, thereby reducing costs, maximising quality control and ensuring efficient data transfer.


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