Multi-client data

RPS specialises in multi-client geological datasets. This includes stratigraphic and reservoir quality datasets that extend from the Palaeozoic – Cenozoic in age and provide a unified geological interpretation for selected basins worldwide.

The reports are compiled by our team of in-house experts and incorporate biostratigraphy, sedimentology, ichnology, petrography and chemical stratigraphy, which are combined to produce an enhanced understanding of the reservoir quality and stratigraphic relationships within a particular basin area or stratigraphic horizon.

Multi-client data includes

  • Stratigraphic framework
  • Stratigraphic summary data for individual wells together with correlation panels
  • Detailed core description
  • Petrographic analysis and diagenetic controls on reservoir quality
  • Digital conventional core analysis data
  • Time-slice palaeogeographic maps
  • Quantitative inorganic geochemical analysis
  • Statistical and graphical analysis of geochemical data
  • GIS data format

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