Sustainability strategy

Developing a robust yet authentic voice on sustainability matters that resonates across your business not only manages risk and adds value but, directs your organisation towards a low-carbon future.

Stakeholders across the board, be they consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, investors and so on, all have a viewpoint on sustainability matters which is why getting your sustainability strategy right is so important.

Building a strategy

A successful strategy will be tailored to the business in question, considering its circumstances and goals. It’s important to use the right language and address the specific technicalities to ensure that the everyone in the organisation supports and delivers the strategy moving forward.

We work with clients from across the sectors to help them develop a sustainability strategy that will deliver their unique goals. We bring together environmental and societal expertise and a tried and tested methodology to set businesses up for success.

Our approach

Before a strategy can start to take shape, we need to get a detailed understanding of your business model. We meet with senior leadership and management teams to understand key operations, organisational structure, current challenges, business plans and drivers.

A screening and peer review exercise is also completed to give an idea of what material issues are affecting sectors at the global and national level. We will determine where your current Sustainability, ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance), or Corporate Responsibility (CR) efforts lie, compared against your peers.

Once the preparation stage is complete and we have established a solid foundation to build on, we can start to move through our three key stages to build your Sustainability strategy.

Sustainable Finance Stage Graphic


  • We will identify your key stakeholders and the issues of importance to them and will selectively engage to gather feedback where appropriate.


  • Following on, we will build on the initial screen of material issues affecting the business and incorporate the results of Stage 1 to develop a robust set of sustainability and ESG factors of importance to the business and your key stakeholders.
  • At the end of this stage, we will understand your key sustainability focus areas and how they add value.


  • In this stage, we collaborate with you to further define the core focus areas and develop the strategic plans, objectives, targets and performance indicators needed for future success.
  • We will help you with establishing future sustainability governance structures and preparing internal teams through capacity building and training.

Post strategic development

We understand that it can take time to implement a strategy, collate relevant sustainability and ESG data and develop initiatives to see through to completion.

Whether you have an in-house team to take the strategy forward, or need additional support from us, we are on hand to help you along the way.

When the time is right to prepare your corporate sustainability, CR or ESG report, our experts are available to help with analysing your performance and helping you bring together the right information. See our related pages on Sustainability Performance & Reporting and Sustainability Claims & Marketing.

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