Sustainability performance and reporting

With an increased demand for disclosure on sustainability matters from stakeholders, the way in which a company reports can affect its relationships.

Transparent and robust reporting leads to the building of trust, improved ESG ratings in financial markets and consumer confidence, whereas poor or non-existent levels of reporting can have negative and brand damaging effects.

Getting it right

Whether you have an existing Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability or ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) report that needs updating, creating from scratch, or re-aligning with climate strategy or UN Sustainable Development Goals, RPS helps make it happen.

Our sustainability and ESG experts are available to help you make sense of the data, company resource use and emissions, performance metrics and reporting disclosures.

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How we can help

Performance metrics

  • Developing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on environmental and social factors, to help monitor and drive forward improvement.
  • To help you calculate company emissions, footprints and resource use, and to analyse and interpret other intensive and technical data sets.
  • Auditing and reviewing the performance and emissions of your supply chain.
  • Helping your key suppliers improve their environmental and social performance.

Structure and defining standards

  • Advising on which KPIs to use within the context of company non-financial reporting disclosures.
  • Selecting appropriate reporting frameworks (e.g. Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), CDP etc), and advising on data collation and future reporting structure.
  • Align and integrate other sustainability reporting requirements, e.g. UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and emissions or climate-based reporting disclosures.

Report content

  • Assisting with copy creation, editing, case study preparation and general house style.
  • Avoiding ‘green’ or ‘rainbow’ (SDG) washing.
  • Avoiding false or misleading claims.

Assurance and third party review

  • Providing independent review of company reported data and emissions.
  • Independent review of company or supplier environmental and social claims and disclosures.

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