Spatial Intelligence and GIS

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used for mapping and analysing rich data related to locations on the earth’s surface. We use GIS and analysis tools to visualise, analyse and understand the vast quantities of data that are collected to support informed decision making at every step of a project.

State-of-the-art modelling and analysis

We offer state of the art GIS capabilities and geomatics advice at a multidisciplinary level, offering innovative solutions and expertise in planning, risk mapping, natural resource management, 3D visualisation and inter-visibility analysis, site/route selection and GIS system development and customisation. 
Data is now collected in an ever-increasing variety of ways including terrestrial surveys, remote sensing such as satellite photography and LiDAR, or GPS sensors.

Within the lifecycle of a project, data can be used for a variety of reasons and we ensure that this information is correctly measured, managed, attributed and stored for multidisciplinary analysis and visualisation.


Our expertise

  • Spatial data capture, procurement and GIS project management 
  • Constraints mapping for site search and appraisal 
  • Multi-criteria analysis for site/route selection 
  • Design & management of spatial decision support systems and risk analysis 
  • Large data processing and automation tools through spatial modelling and analysis 
  • Asset surveys through High Accuracy Differential GPS and mobile units 
  • Legal mapping and stakeholders databases 
  • Spatial analysis and mapping for strategic environmental assessment and preparation of plans for Development Consent Order (DCO) applications 
  • Cartography and data visualisation in support of public enquiry proof of evidence 
  • Integration and interoperability of GIS data with other systems 
  • Risk mapping and sensitivity analysis  
  • Spatial information management for large environmental and engineering projects 
  • Data validation and positional accuracy enhancement 
  • 3D visualisation, volume calculation and view-shed analysis

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