EHS Compliance Management Using ComplianceMap

ComplianceMap is an environmental compliance management software solution that eases the complexities of managing Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) obligations. This intuitive EHS management solution organizes compliance obligations across multiple site locations in one centralized, online platform, shifting companies to an efficient and proactive compliance management model. Developed by RPS EHS professionals, the software platform can be efficiently integrated and serves to maximize productivity.

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Why ComplianceMap for EHS Management?

Companies are facing greater noncompliance risk as EHS compliance regulations constantly change. This increased risk can lead to fines, penalties, and legal action. The EPA levied nearly $1.6 billion in penalties for compliance violations in 2017, not including additional enforcement fines from individual state1. OSHA violations can cost up to $13,260 per violation2. Companies are more exposed as federal agencies are developing new ways to track formal and informal compliance actions to better enforce regulations.

  • 1"Enforcement Annual Results for Fiscal Year 2017." EPA. February 13, 2018.
  • 2"Department of Labor." OSHA Penalties | Occupational Safety and Health Administration. January 23, 2019.


Efficient EHS Compliance Management

Whether you operate a single industrial facility or maintain a portfolio of locations, ComplianceMap provides unique advantages to ease the management of EHS requirements:

  • Reduce labor costs by providing organization and direction for a company’s compliance program
  • Increase asset value and minimize risk with improved EHS performance
  • Customize or scale your solution to fit unique industry compliance requirements
  • Reduce monetary penalties associated with violations

ComplianceMap Software allows users to:

  • List all EHS compliance obligations and track them through calendar-based interface
  • Assign roles and responsibilities to a cross-functional team
  • Receive email and text reminders of upcoming compliance requirements and deadlines
  • Provide a flexible and customized repository for all EHS documentation
  • Create and complete surveys, inspections, and/or evaluation forms inside the platform
  • Assign training and monitor users’ completion and performance
  • Complete and track accident reporting and incident investigation
  • Use ComplianceMap anywhere using the mobile app


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