Understanding the history, structure and influences on a woodland is fundamental in developing a comprehensive understanding of tree management. Our experienced Arboricultural team can help your project across every stage of the development life-cycle, striving to protect important habitats whilst maximising the potential of woodland resources.

How we can help

  • Requirement for Tree Surveys, Impact Assessment and Method Statements
  • Facilitating development around trees
  • Tree and woodland management
  • Ash die back
  • Aerial surveys to provide the most up to date survey of your site and facilitate remote working


Supporting you throughout the entire construction lifecycle

  • Pre-site purchase

    Does your site contain any trees or woodland? Do they impose a constraint on what you're trying to achieve? We can provide an overview of tree issues within the site to inform and identify potential construction constraints at an early stage.

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  • Pre-planning and design stage

    We conduct surveys with fully detailed constraints plans for use in detailed design and layout stages prior to submission to the Local Planning Authority.

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  • Planning submission stage

    By undertaking an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, we can provide an overview of the proposed development impacts on the trees and the processes required to retain them during construction; including removal, protection and planting plans.

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  • Construction stage

    We tender and supervise tree work contracts prior to development and throughout the development process. - Negotiating with amended tree protection issues for the developer - Tree safety and hazard assessment reports - Site inspections

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  • Post-construction support and advice

    After building work is completed, we supervise tree contracts and manage the associated hazards. - Regular tree stock assessments and condition reports - Assisting landowners with their Health and Safety liabilities

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  • Appeals and enquiries

    Collaborating with clients across public and private sectors, we provide services to allow appeals against planning decisions or legal disputes on tree issues. - Expert Witness Reports - Appearance in court at Planning hearings

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    Building designs represented via 3D model, paper schematic and digital plan

Aerial surveys

We can bring additional insight to tree surveying and condition assessments using our in-house expertise in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles UAV (Drone) technology. At the leading edge of this technology, we can conduct aerial surveys at any time of year and provide the most up to date imagery of your site.

  • Providing very current, aerial imagery - we capture 2D and 3D aerial imagery and convert it to an orthomosaic aerial which is accurately georeferenced
  • Tree inspection and vitality assessment – we can quantify the percentage of an Ash tree canopy that is dead from Ash dieback and recommend timings for tree surgery
  • Remote monitoring and inspections - continued monitoring of tree infections within the canopy using an onboard camera with a high optical zoom, avoiding the need for inspection by an individual at height
  • Monitoring construction of development sites – providing video and imagery of the whole site, allowing site progress meetings to be carried out and reducing the need for travel
  • Promotional photography - of our services such as new developments
  • Identifying tree disease
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