ESG for Private Equity

For private equity firms and corporations, ESG investing is critical in ensuring sustainability efforts are profitable and lead to accelerated growth. As both strategic advisors and technical consultants, we translate sustainability factors into investment opportunity; enabling you to create value with confidence.

What is ESG investing?

Increase valuation, lower investment risk and protect reputation

Bold thinkers use ESG criteria to create value by:

  • securing capital during fundraising
  • reducing investment risk during due diligence
  • capitalising on opportunities post-acquisition
  • facilitating information disclosure in exit

What factors do you need to consider when approaching sustainable investing? Watch to learn more.

Environmental, social and governance overview for private equity firms

Create value with the right ESG strategy

Bold sustainable thinking

Private equity firms and corporations can unlock immense value from ESG investing. This starts with implementing an ESG strategy that sets you up for success and maximises return on investment. The trick is knowing how to convert environmental impacts into financial price signals.

As your strategic partner, we translate sustainability factors into investment opportunity. Uniquely positioned as both strategic advisors and technical consultants, we identify, manage and execute ESG initiatives; enabling you to create value with confidence.


Acknowledging that each firm and its portfolio is unique, we can help implement an ESG strategy that will bolster the investment process, create short and long-term value across your portfolio, and strengthen your firm’s reputation. 

From fundraising through exit, we can help your firm embed ESG throughout the investment cycle. 

Value Creation Advisory Firm of the Year

RPS has been named as Value Creation Advisory Firm of the Year: ESG in Actum Group's 2023 Private Equity Value Creation Awards. 

Uniquely positioned as both strategic advisors and technical consultants, we're proud to place value creation at the centre of our ESG advisory offer, and this award demonstrates our commitment to helping clients to create value with confidence.

RPS is the winner of the 2023 Value Creation Advisory Firm of the Year: ESG award

How we work

Our ESG advisory service is designed to enhance the visibility of opportunities as well as risks. We draw on market-leading technical expertise to evaluate the potential for adaptation and innovation across a range of scenarios and cost-parameters. Progress toward your strategic objectives is then benchmarked and reported in alignment with the latest definitions and disclosure standards.

Value creation in ESG relies on creative and judicious application of technical insight. At RPS we combine those insights through a strategic lens – allowing unified delivery of otherwise segregated economic, environmental and social impacts. Joined-up solutions are part of our ethos. We make complex easy.

ESG strategy consulting

How we can help

Contact us to get started with your ESG strategy.

ESG management throughout the investment cycle

  • Fundraising

    ESG policy and implementation frameworks: - Satisfy investors' ESG expectations - Enhance relationships with new and existing investors - Secure access to funding - Create a competitive advantage

    01 /04
    ESG factors during investment fundraising
  • Due Diligence

    Conduct an ESG review to: - Eliminate deal-issue threats - Highlight deficient standards - Pinpoint key ESG opportunities for improvement - Highlight customers' sustainability expectations - Identify regulatory liability

    02 /04
    ESG factors during due diligence
  • Ownership

    Implement ESG initiatives to: - Increase ROI and market share - Reduce expenses and liability - Improve employee retention - Meet customers' and investors' sustainability expectations - Enhance firm and portfolio company reputation

    03 /04
    ESG factors during investment ownership
  • Exit

    Communicating ESG accomplishments can help: - Highlight growth opportunities - Increase brand value - Establish competitive advantage - Meet public investors' expectations

    04 /04
    ESG considerations during investment exit

ESG consulting services

Vision to value

We are uniquely positioned to help firms identify innovative opportunities and incorporate ESG solutions into the investment process by:

  • Clarifying an internal ESG vision, mission statement, and priorities
  • Identifying investors’ motivations and expectations during fundraising
  • Creating an ESG policy and implementation framework
  • Constructing a customized ESG action plan to fit present and future goals





  • Defining ESG metrics to measure the ESG performance across the portfolio
  • Developing industry trend reviews and risk assessments
  • Providing tailored ESG training

Learn more

ESG insights

Investment analysis

Our ESG experts help enhance the investment process by investigating active and prospective investments for a variety of ESG issues across many topics:



  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Climate change and resilience
  • Energy and air emissions
  • Environmental compliance
  • Extreme weather events and vulnerability analysis
  • Natural resources
  • Land degradation
  • Wastes and circular economy
  • Water pollution and quality
  • Water rights and availability


  • Community relations and engagement
  • Conflict minerals
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Fair disclosure and marketing
  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Human and Indigenous rights
  • Internal labor relations
  • Product stewardship
  • Supply chain management


  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption
  • Anti-sexual harassment and anti-bullying
  • Board composition and diversity
  • Business ethics and transparency
  • Business interruption
  • Consumer and enterprise customer expectations
  • ESG linked executive remuneration
  • Supply chain

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