ESG considerations during fundraising

Scrutiny around ESG commitments, reporting, policies and implementation is rising. And meeting the ESG expectations of Limited Partners’ (LPs) is no longer just a differentiator for private equity firms, it’s a critical step in securing access to capital.

ESG integration

ESG strategy integration is fast becoming an issue of value protection and creation. Limited Partners (LPs) expect private equity firms to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into the investment process, from due diligence to exit.


ESG strategy consulting

Sustainable investing

ESG drivers are shifting beyond just investor preference and peer pressure. It’s now part of business case recommendations for sustainability considerations.

As sustainable investing is booming, investors are recognising that sustainable strategies correlate with resilience. And crucially, they don’t require a trade-off on returns. ESG policy implementation is becoming a responsible fiduciary decision which LPs are looking for right from the fundraising stage. 

Enhancing long-term performance

We help private equity firms create short and long-term value and strengthen reputations.

Our specialists determine the best approach for your firm by shaping an ESG strategy based on existing elements from your business model. Identifying risks and opportunities, we provide implementation frameworks that extend beyond fundraising and throughout the investment cycle to drive value for your firm and portfolio companies.

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