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Our commercial specialists have deep expertise in working with governments, maximising the benefits derived from natural resources. Our team has developed fiscal models from most of the energy-producing countries in the world. We deliver independent advice on setting the appropriate fiscal terms depending on the country's resource base's scale and economics.

For governments, creating an attractive investment opportunity for an energy company involves understanding the interaction of external factors. These include the oil price, energy transition, the resource base, ease of access, ability to monetise the investment and value.

Governments must consider the screening criteria energy companies use to rank each new opportunity against these internal and external factors.

Our experience and recent projects

Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons - West Africa

RPS was the trusted advisor to a West African Government through its Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons for more than 20 years. We delivered technical, commercial and strategic advice on all aspects of the up-, mid- and downstream oil and gas sector. We advised the ministry on early exploration, development and production of the current oil and gas fields, ongoing monitoring of producing assets and drilling activities. Commercial specialists provided advice regarding the definition of exploration and production opportunities, management of promotional campaigns and licensing rounds. Additionally, we supported negotiations with oil companies and service contractors regarding production sharing agreements and multi-client studies.

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Irish Petroleum Affairs Division

RPS assisted the Irish Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) to redevelop oil and gas exploration. Over the years, there had been a large amount of exploration activity, with over 120 wells drilled but with limited success. Our team assessed why the industry was leaving and what it would take to regenerate interest. Over a two year programme of activities, we supported PAD to attract several new players to the province, including ExxonMobil.

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Nova Scotia, Canada

Exploration in Nova Scotia was in decline as companies were leaving the province. Previous work identified that understanding of sub-surface geology had become an issue. To resolve this misunderstanding, RPS delivered geological services and improved the geological models. We designed a work programme to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential, and based on this work, a major oil company standard Play Fairway Analysis was created for the province.

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Faroese Petroleum Ministry and Geological Department

RPS provided high-level strategic and technical assistance to the Faroese Petroleum Ministry and Geological Department in their successful 1st licensing round. We screened the pre-round acreage and ranked blocks. RPS geologists focused on the Palaeocene deepwater play using quantitative seismic techniques such as attribute studies, Amplitude versus offset (AVO) techniques and inversion. During the bidding process, our team advised on strategy for the evaluation of bids from foreign oil companies. We participated in the review of the bids and engaged in the negotiations of licence awards. After the award of licences, RPS provided ad-hoc post-round advice both before and after initial exploration wells were drilled.

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