Predictive analysis

Access to asset data combined with live data streams from thousands of sensors such as weather data, telemetry systems and work management systems, supports analysts, network planners, operators and hydraulic modellers to contextualise local performance against historical supporting information, to enable the right intervention to be made at the right time - be it leakage, blockages or water quality issues.


Situational awareness supports accurate decision making

WaterNet Pro® is a cloud based, live reporting situational awareness and decision-making platform which couples powerful data management capabilities with a range of analysis tools to encapsulate RPS' wastewater modelling, leakage, water quality and asset management expertise.

It’s a modular platform that collates and manages a vast array of data to support sound decision making through the collation, analysis and visualisation of the multiple datasets utilised across the water industry, in one easy to access platform.

WaterNet Pro explained

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Platform features

Powerful web mapping

This viewer module is a core part of WaterNet Pro. Purposely built, it makes use of cutting-edge web mapping technologies to create rich interactive content to visualise and manage large geospatial datasets efficiently. Users can interact with the mapping environment, leveraging specific detail to inform decision making. Combined with easy to navigate asset such as trees and schematic views, WaterNet Pro presents the data in the way users want to see it.

The viewer module works on a multi-level approach which enables our clients to define and control access to information for users, enabling bespoke visualisations to support specific actions and functions. This includes the ability to present information to external stakeholders, including the public, based on data controls and limitations set. For example, the presentation of Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan information to relevant stakeholders through a single portal; or presenting customer flow data from their smart meter.


WaterNet Pro can define multiple alerting thresholds at individual monitoring locations, combining a mixture of static, seasonal and environmental characteristics to identify performance outside of normal operation. Analysts are informed in real time where data breaches have occurred, allowing interventions to be made from within the system, inform customer interactions or network investigations and remedial actions. Multiple alerts can be combined to allow for escalation of an incident, or to identify a solution.

The alert module is designed to link real time monitor data against trigger levels to allow alerting of potential incidents before full impact occurs. This could be a warning that a sewer line has water depths above expected dry weather levels indicating a local blockage or a leak occurring. Sending out warnings to the operational teams facilitates the timely resolution of the issue, thus reducing or even avoiding the impact altogether.


The configurable reporting facility allows the calculation of key regulatory factors from leakage, interruptions to supply and flooding incidents. These can be viewed at a local level or for the company. With full auditability, they assist end of year reporting to regulators as well as weekly managerial reporting.

Flexible and scalable

Efficient design enables flexible and scalable deployment to suit our clients’ needs, no matter how big or small. Our Azure based system has been configured to optimise interaction with big data from multiple external and internal sources.

Tenant configurable

Services can be setup in a bespoke manner to suit the specific needs of our clients, considering their internal data management systems, expectations and performance indicators such as ODIs.

Bespoke ‘state of the nation’ dashboards

With a configurable interactive mapping environment and the ability to present information in ‘State of the Nation’ dashboards linked to live information is a key component of this platform.

This function enables informed decision making based on improved understanding of areas needing further investigation. This allows prioritisation of work streams at a water-company, operation level or catchment level.

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