Data and digital technologies are demanding that we change the way we work. The pace of this change is only accelerating. We’re ready for the challenge that lies ahead for us and our clients in this fast, dynamic and connected yet still complex world.

Transforming the way we do business, enabled by technology

Innovation is most effective when we put our clients at the centre of the ground swell, making them the drivers of our journey. Connecting and enabling our clients with these technologies will unearth new efficiencies, opportunities, business models and insights.

Delivering shared value through new experiences is more than just good business. It’s relevant, progressive and profitable.

WaterNet Pro

WaterNet Pro® is a spatial asset management reporting and analysis platform typically used for the regulatory reporting of leakage, water balance and sewer flooding. It integrates and validates data from several key corporate datasets (Telemetry, Works Management, Billing, GIS, to name a few) and applies diagnostics to provide tabular, graphical and spatial reports that align with regulator reporting requirements.

WaterNet Pro mapping.PNG


Understanding consequence of failure is a critical part of understanding the risks associated with assets. PondSIM is a rapid overland flow assessment tool created by RPS, which is used to determine the impact of flood waters in an urban or rural environment. It enables rapid assessment of consequence across thousands of locations in a catchment, within seconds. This has enabled rapid asset risk and prioritisation activities in a number of clients, with the tool also being used to support catchment planning and risk management strategy.



Frontier Leakage Optimisation (FLO)

FLO is a tool for examining leakage maintenance and reduction options to achieve frontier targets at least cost, accounting for innovation and efficiency. Without best practice for new leak detection and repair technologies and practices being established, FLO has set a new, innovative standard for investment targeting.


FlowBot is an RPS software solution that we created using Python programming language that optimises data visualisation, analysis and machine learning methods. It provides the user complete control over a range of assessments designed to help us understand monitoring equipment performance in a user-friendly environment - and delivers 80% time savings.


We’re all about helping our clients save time and money – we helped DCWW save c.6% on their annual repair costs.

We developed a bespoke RPS Insight module that catalogues site photos and GPS data to provide early visibility of hazards and risks associated with identified leaks. Site photos and GPS data are recorded during leak detection surveys allowing the Repair and Maintenance contractors to efficiently schedule and plan work. This saves the client time and water.

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