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Global energy trends are shaping how governments and developers strategically adapt their business models to find the balance between meeting current energy demands and investing in a sustainable future.

RPS has become an established, leading provider of professional services to the offshore wind industry since its inception in Europe in the early 2000’s.

Across the asset lifecycle

As the industry has matured and costs have reduced, new offshore wind markets have begun to emerge. RPS has a long history supporting developers in Offshore Wind – delivering smart solutions to their complex development goals.

Fast forward to 2020 and RPS now successfully delivers support and advice to developers, governments, their advisors, and contractors internationally - across Europe, the US, Australia and increasingly the emerging markets of Asia.

Our breadth of services allows our teams to sit alongside our clients throughout the asset lifecycle, providing international standard advice. 

What we do

We offer a range of technical consultancy, operational support and advice to developers, governments, their advisors, and contractors in this growing market including:

  • Wind resource measurement and metocean sciences
  • Planning, environment and consents
  • Site investigation and survey
  • Port infrastructure and logistics
  • Marine Assurance and QHSSE
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO)
  • Data management and visualisation

Permitting advisory and due diligence

The world today is radically changed, a state that will continue to evolve as markets and organisations work together to deliver their revised ambitions to meet future sustainability goals – nearshore and offshore.

With mergers and acquisitions being more frequent, understanding the local environmental sensitivities, permitting and regulatory risks, and the key data gaps associated with these deals is critical for their successful completion.

RPS has extensive permitting experience in the siting, development, construction and operation of major offshore developments in complex marine environments – so we have a deep understanding of the potential permitting, and associated cost and time risks, and mitigations to limit your exposure.

Environmental and permitting risks

We apply our experience from leading the permitting process on some of largest offshore wind developments in the world, to identify and categorise the key permitting risks on a given development. This places us well to advise in a due diligence setting on offshore wind projects at a variety of stages of development - from early phase projects through to projects that have obtained their main development consents and are in pre-construction or construction. We apply our experience to evaluate the different key risks that could occur at each of these lifecycle stages.

We apply a structured approach to risk identification and categorisation that we have developed and implemented across several projects. Our approach considers the nature of a given risk, as well as the implications in terms of consent viability, consent condition implications (or the potential for) and associated timeline and cost risks.

Our approach can be tailored to the requirements of our clients, with whom we work closely throughout the process.

Cumulative Impact Assessment

As offshore infrastructure development increases, managing the environmental impacts becomes more complex.

RPS’ Alun Williams, Director - Offshore Renewables, delivered an ‘on demand’ presentation on permitting and cumulative impacts assessment at the recent US Offshore Wind virtual event.

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RPS offshore wind capabilities and services

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