RPS signs Memorandum of Understanding with the International Geothermal Association

We are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between RPS and the International Geothermal Association (IGA), who will work together to meet the capability development needs of the geothermal industry. The IGA connects the international geothermal community to support and promote geothermal energy as an affordable, clean, baseload energy source.


The IGA has recognised that developing high-quality online learning and industry-focused training will be essential to advancing the industry. RPS has been providing training to the energy sector for over 20 years and has deep expertise in subsurface geoscience and engineering, understanding energy project investments and risks, and environmental, social & governance (ESG).            

Initially, RPS and the IGA will focus on developing three areas of learning modules. The first will be designed for professionals interested in transitioning from oil and gas or mining to geothermal. The second is for finance executives and investors and is focused on de-risking subsurface risks underpinning geothermal project investments. Finally, the third module will be developed for mid and senior executives in oil and gas companies, covering geothermal solutions tailored around scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.    

RPS is active in developing training for the renewables industry, Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) and ESG for the energy sector. Currently in development are a suite of learning modules for the UK Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC).

For more information about this collaboration, please contact Henk Jaap Kloosterman, Head of Strategic Accounts – Learning and development at RPS.

With RPS, we have a strong partner with a track record of delivering flexible learning. We're very pleased with this collaboration. We believe we are well-positioned to design and develop this global geothermal curriculum. RPS has a long tradition and track record of delivering quality training in specialist subject areas in the energy sector.

Dr. Marit Brommer

Executive Director, International Geothermal Association

Dr. Marit Brommer  Signing Ceremony MoU and announcement IGA_RPS.jpeg

We believe there is enormous potential for the role of geothermal in moving towards a low carbon economy. This needs an effective and flexible setup to create the capability needed to do so. IGA and RPS energy together can act as a catalyst to make this happen.

Henk Jaap Kloosterman

Head of Strategic Accounts – Learning and development, RPS

Henk Jaap Kloosterman Signing Ceremony MoU and announcement IGA_RPS

Hear from Dr. Marit Brommer from the IGA and Henk Jaap Kloosterman discuss the signing of MoU

Signing Ceremony MoU and announcement IGA_RPS partnership
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